Language Learning and Musical Activities (LLAMA)

Unlock the learning potential
of all your students. 

Listen to a sample of the activity
The Phoneme Song‘.

cover of LLAMA activity book

‘Language Learning and Musical Activities’ (LLAMA)
is a collection of 15 varied activities based around key musical elements to support literacy and language development.

Why use music to teach language?
Literacy practices improve, and motivation increases as students experience success, while enjoying learning. The LLAMA collection offers teachers:

  • evidence-based teaching techniques
  • engaging musical resources that can be used again and again
  • materials that can be customised to suit any group of students
  • suggestions for differentiation within each activity
  • all the resources and explanations needed, so teachers don’t need to be musicians to use the activities
  • a starting point to raise awareness of specific aspects of language, and encourage future practice

first slide of a video showing a book cover

Watch a short video here
to get a taste of LLAMA.