In Tune with You

A new approach to piano tuition:

Do you ever feel that some students just need a bit more time?
A bit more practice before moving on?
A different way of learning how to play the piano?
More support with learning to read music?

In Tune With You is a series of 5 interactive books, leading to Grade 2.

It offers a systematic approach that is accessible for all learners, including those with learning differences.

Some people who love music, and would really like to learn to play an instrument, are put off by having to learn to read music. However, the cognitive, social and emotional advantages of learning are well-documented, and so we might well want to encourage them to persevere despite experiencing difficulties with the notation. Yvette Price recognises that some learners need a little longer to grasp musical concepts, and some will benefit from a different approach to formal music education.

  • Systematic, step-by-step instruction
  • Moving at the student’s pace
  • Time and freedom to explore the instrument
  • Games and physical activities to learn the theory
  • Guidance for teachers working with neurodiverse learners
  • Videos to allow recap of lessons at home

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