August 2021

Team GB medals and other misinformation Last week, as the Olympic games in Tokyo closed, my husband remarked that the ‘2020’ Team GB had equalled the performance of the 2012 team, who had had the home advantage.‘Oooh! good for Team GB!’ was NOT my response. read more… AD(H)D: mis-named and misunderstood Do you know people […]

June 2021

Why I’m a joiner I loved woodwork when I was at school. Here’s a picture of a wooden cat I made when I was 12 (yes, I’ve kept it all these years). But it’s not that kind of joinery I want to talk about here. Read more A dyslexic teacher – are you joking? Have […]

February 2021

Assessing multilingual people IS different. There are many variables we need to take into account when deciding if one of our multilingual learners has dyslexia, or another SpLD. In this video, I discuss some of the differences between our monolingual and our multilingual learners. Watch the video here. Join the ELT well community and download […]

December 2020

Using musical activities to support language development There are many similarities between music and language, in the way they are organised, processed, and produced. Music therefore has enormous potential as a language learning tool, which can be appealing to even the least engaged or confident learners. Read more (this post first appeared in the Across […]