May 2021 neurodiversity

Learning by doing

This is me, on my first Speech and Language Therapy placement. I’m ‘assisting’ with a swallowing assessment in the radiography department (they let me mix the different barium liquids and pastes!). The course has been quite intense and almost entirely theoretical so far, but this week we get a chance to see how it works in practice… read more

Pro-so-pag-nos-i-a (“Face-blindness”)

The term ‘neurodiversity’ reminds us that we humans are infinitely varied. Every brain is wired slightly differently. Many of the variations are small, and not easily noticed, but others have a significant impact on daily life, and have been given a name. You’ve probably heard of the most commonly-identified ones: dyslexia, autism etc. But do you know what prosopagnosia is?
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