March 2021 – working with mature learners

Courses and resources

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A different angle

light on the edge of the pages of an open book

One of the most interesting things about returning to study is the opportunity to see familiar things from a different point of view, and understanding them in a different way. Can you tell what the familiar object is in the image here?
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Mature’ students: hidden talents

two big books and some reading glasses

Ever noticed that some of your more mature learners seem to take a long time to get anything done?
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Adult learners and musical activities

people drumming in a group

It’s not only young learners who benefit from using musical activities to develop language and literacy practices.
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Walking to work: taking the first step

It took 3 years of good intentions and convenient excuses before I finally started walking to my office. Sometimes we seem to put our own barriers up, to stop ourselves trying something new.
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