January 2021

SpLD myth #2: 
Autistic people don’t want to make friends.

a person sits alone in a stadium

In the ELT classroom, pair and group work – in frequently changing combinations – is the norm. It’s a great way for all the members of a class to get to know each other. Right?
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Stepping into the shrubbery

view along a cycle path with trees on either side.

One of the silver linings of 2020 was that I started walking to work, following the cycle-path along the river. Negotiating other people was a steep learning curve, though.
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Talking about neurodiversity

In this video, I unpack some of the terminology around dyslexia, and explain why I make the language choices I do.
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Understanding neurodiversity

neurological connections in the brain

It can feel challenging to have dyslexic or autistic learners in your class, but the truth is that humans are  incredibly neurodiverse; we just have to figure out what the range is in each group. Read more.