Public Events

ELT well, in collaboration with Personal ELT and Lancaster Languages, is offering a full week of training in Lancaster in June, leading up to the annual Research Round Up on June 10th.
NEW FOR 2017: a one-week training programme for language professionals offering a range of sessions not found elsewhere.

Come to sunny Lancaster for one day, or two, or the whole week – stay for the Research Round-up! (Find out more about Lancaster.)
Download a June 2017 booking form here to see booking and payment details; you can pay through the eshop, here.

50% for students

Booking closes Friday 26th May
Free evening events to be announced.

Monday 5th June:
Enabling learners to take their first steps in English
Ways and means: ensuring understanding
Getting started with English literacy practices
Tuesday 6th June:
Encouraging reluctant learners
Making lessons meaningful: from start to finish
Peer + Self-awareness and self-esteem
Wednesday 7th June:
Developing speaking and listening
Successful fluency activities: it’s all in the preparation
Thursday 8th June:
Working with students who have dyslexia / SpLDs
Identifying SpLDs in Multilingual Learners
Adapting coursebooks for dyslexic learners
Friday 9th June:
Working with international students in UK HEIs

‘Forcing students to talk to local people’: research in the community
Preparing dyslexic learners for exams

See a summary of the 10 sessions here.

Finish the week with:
Saturday 10th June: Annual ELT well Research Round Up
(free of charge – details on the Research page).

If you would like to arrange a session as part of your in-house staff development, that can easily be arranged. Please see the bespoke training page for more details.