At ELT well we believe that practice and research are two sides of the same coin – one cannot exist meaningfully without the other. Teachers and researchers often seem to be living in different worlds, however, and there is not enough interaction between the two. One of the aims of ELT well is to bring research into the classroom, and teachers’ needs into research.

This is how we do it:

Annual Research Round-up

Every year ELT well organises an informal ‘Research Round-up’  – a FREE seminar day at which practitioners can share the findings of small scale research into the overlaps between the fields of dyslexia / SpLDs and multilingualism / language learning.

This year the event will be held a little later in the year than usual, on Saturday 9th October, to encourage MA students who have just finished their dissertations to join in. As last year, the venue will be the ELT well office in Morecambe.   You can find your booking form here.

If you are not able to attend in person, but would like to share your research, please get in touch to talk about a virtual presentation.

You can read a report of the 2018 presentations here: Summary of 2018 RRup    You can also read a report of Research Round up 2017 here.

Handwriting database

ELT well maintains a database of handwriting speeds in languages other than English, in order to help determine whether a learner may have difficulties that are not just English-learning related. To date over 1,000 samples of 10-minute scripts have been collected and compared within language groups. Some languages still need more representation, however, particularly African languages. If you would like to participate in the collection of data for this ongoing project, please contact Anne Margaret for more information.