Students who are not (yet) based in Lancaster

ELT well welcomes independent students (aged 18+) who wish to improve their English language skills by spending some time in the UK. After discussing your particular requirements we can build a bespoke programme (lasting 4, 12 or 20 weeks) that includes the following:

  • Accommodation with English-speaking people (either living in a host family, or in a shared house with other young professionals or postgraduate students)
  • Formal language tuition with experienced teachers (in small groups or 1:1)
  • 1:1 tutorial support to develop study skills (e.g. organisation, memory, learning techniques)
  • Social activities to maximise contact with English-speaking people (could include participation in an evening class, membership of a sports club, joining a music group, or perhaps some voluntary work with a charity, or whatever ties in with your hobbies and interests)

Contact Anne Margaret to find out more.

Here’s what former students have said:

“…when I arrived I was very worried about not knowing anyone. But soon I had to change my mind: Lancaster is the ideal city for international students, there are many activities where you can meet people and make friends and practice English…”

bene and me                        

“…An experience like this forms a good base of English. The first improvements will be quick and you will notice a lot of change.”